I've made a short list of collaborators I've worked with and small projects that I've been a part of.

Podcastul Oameni Brici a împlinit 15 episoade și un refresh de identitate. Din episoadele podcastului îți vei lua uneori energie și entuziasm, alteori lecții sau perspective noi care te vor pune pe gânduri. 

Sala de escaladă Zero Gravity din Iași a devenit Climb Again. M-am ocupat de procesul de redesign ce a constat in crearea unui nou design al pereților, bannerelor informative și decorative, colantarii geamurilor si abonamentelor. Am documentat procesul si am filmat ziua deschiderii.

We converted the events into a digital, pandemic-friendly format through a series of interviews with local creative people. With great attention to framing, light, stage, editing and sound, we managed to convey part of the feeling you get in the room.

Team building adventures for small and large companies.

I've worked with Outdoor360 since 2016, starting with only video work for the events and then embarking on a redesign journey in 2019 where we drew clearer lines about the company and where we're headed in our collaboration.

One of the oldest jobs in the world relaunches in Iasi, Romania and puts men in it's spotlight.

I've worked with Lisnic Barbershop since it opened, starting with short promotional videos and then spreading to photoshoots, product photography, workshops, podcasts, marketing materials and many more.

Design oriented WordPress Themes that are user friendly.

Marketing design was my focus with Pixelgrade, I've done short videos promoting the themes and their functionality, static images to promote online, marketing campaigns, customer testimonials and many more.

Volunteer powered short film festival.

I started in the technical team, rigging projectors, sound and scaffolding after which I went on to make short after movies and behind the scenes videos.

Projects I've worked on

Every project is special in it's own way.